Sunset Manor

Volunteer Program


Sunset Manor has been providing services to our community since 1965, we remind ourselves daily that our residents aren’t living in our facility, but that we are working in their home.

Always remember if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns and/or problems they need to be communicated immediately so together we continue improving our services.


Bill of Rights for Volunteers


The Right To . . . . . .


Be treated as a co-worker, not as ‘just free hands’ and not as a ‘prima donna’.


A suitable assignment, with consideration for personal preference, temperament, life experience, education and employment background.


Know as much about Sunset Manor as possible, it’s policies, it’s people, it’s programs.


Training for my service, thoughtfully planned and effectively presented.


Continuing education, as a follow-up to the initial training, information about new developments, training for greater responsibility.


Sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced, well-informed, patient, thoughtful and who has time to invest in giving guidance.


An orderly, designated place conducive to and worthy of the service to be performed.


Be heard or to have a part in planning, to feel free to make suggestions, to have respect shown for an honest opinion.


Recognition, in the form of promotion and awards, through day-by-day expression of appreciation, and by treatment as a bonafide co-worker.





The Volunteer who accepts the benefits of the Bill of Rights must accept the responsibilities and obligations that go with these benefits.


The Responsibility . . . . . . .



Look into your heart and know that you really want to help other people.



Don’t offer your services unless you believe in the value of what you are doing.



Offer suggestions, but don’t ‘knock’. Accept the Rule…….Don’t criticize what you do not understand, there may be good reason.



Ask about the things you do not understand. Don’t coddle your doubts and frustrations until they drive you away or turn you into a problem worker.



Know all you can about Sunset Manor and your responsibilities



You will serve better and enjoy it more if you are doing what is expected of you.



Your word is your bond. Do what you have agreed to do.




Performance Requirements

Orientation - Volunteers receive orientation and training from the Activity Director and

sign the volunteer application stating they understand and agree to abide by the volunteer

policies. All new volunteers (3 month period) or those under the age of 13 will work with

a staff supervisor or an established volunteer.


All volunteers that are utilizing their services here to meet their service organization or club’s community service requirements must sign in and out on the time tracking log kept in the Resident Services Department. The Resident Service Director or designee must sign off on the time spent in facility.


Please call the Resident Services Department when you are unable to work, if you must change your hours, or if you would like to work additional time.


Please smoke and eat only in designated areas.


Wash your hands before and after resident contact.


Guests are not allowed to come with you while you are on duty. Never neglect volunteer responsibilities to socialize with personnel


Never use a resident’s phone. Personal phone calls should be limited during your service. Cell phones should not be used while you are with a resident.


If a doctor is present with a resident, please leave the resident’s room.


Please remain at home if you have an infectious or contagious illness. (flu, stomach virus, fever)


You may not enter a room marked ISOLATION or NO VISITORS ALLOWED.

Always knock first before entering a resident’s room.


Gifts from Resident...You should kindly refuse gifts and money from residents.







Adherence to Sunset Manor’s safety rules and attention to safety signs are imperative for the well being of volunteers, residents, visitors and employees.

Fire - CODE RED is the code for a FIRE. The intercom system is used to announce this code. Flashing lights and a loud alarm will also be seen and heard.

If you are with a group of residents in an activity, remain with residents informing them

that a drill is being conducted. You and the residents will stay at your current location

unless you are directed to evacuate the area. When the drill is over, ‘ALL CLEAR’ will

be announced.

If you are in a resident’s room, inform him of the drill, assure him of his safety, and if he should

not be evacuated remind him to keep his door closed after you leave. You then report to the front


If you are alone, report immediately to the front office.

If you discover a fire, report it immediately to the nearest employee.

Other disasters - Any other disasters will be identified on the intercom system. You will be instructed on what to do.


Dress Code

Name tags must be worn at all times so that visitors, residents and employees can identify you.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind regarding your dress:

Neat and clean clothing. Clothes should not be offensive in any way.

Sandals may not be worn

Hair must be neat. If hair is long, it must be tied back

Jewelry needs to be kept to a minimum, i.e., small earrings and small necklaces.

Perfume and after shave should be used sparingly



If you, a visitor or a resident has an accident or injury, no matter how minor you think, while volunteering at Sunset Manor, report it at once to the Resident Services Director, Designee, or Nurse. An accident/incident report must be filed.



Meeting Resident’s Needs

Clear all resident’s requests with nursing personnel.

(i.e. cigarettes, food, phone calls, etc.)

Check with nursing personnel before granting a resident’s request (i.e. transferring, adjusting the bed, etc.)

Handle residents gently. They are older, delicate, and concerned about their condition.

Avoid making promises you cannot keep.

Give your attention equally to residents when involved in group situations.

Encourage resident’s work performance regardless of quality of work. Praise works wonders for a resident’s self-esteem.

Provide a calm atmosphere by not producing loud noises which frighten residents.

Provide appropriate activities which do not require find motor skills. Finger sensitivity decreases with old age. Be selective in your choice of materials a resident must work with.

Be patient. Give simple, explicit instructions.

Contact a nurse if a resident falls or is in trouble. Do not try to help them, but stay with them until help arrives.

Respect a resident’s privacy and belongings.

When a resident is in their bed, avoid sitting on the bed with them.


Transportation of residents

To avoid surprising residents, inform them before moving them through verbal or physical cues.

Avoid moving too quickly and take care when passing people or obstacles.

If a resident’s positioning device is not placed appropriately, notify a nurse or a member

of the Activity Department.

Lock wheelchair brakes after stopping.

Escort ambulatory residents by holding their arm or hand.

Obtain permission before taking residents out of the facility.



Conversing with residents

Converse with a resident face-to-face. This establishes a better position for hearing a low or slurred speech.

Don’t speak too fast or sound condescending. Many residents who appear confused and hard of hearing still maintain their level of mental maturity.

When you are talking to others, a resident may pick up from your conversation. Misinterpretations may result.

Instead of asking a resident, AHow are your?@ And perhaps receiving a lengthy reply, you might say AGood Morning@, then compliment him.

Instead of asking a resident, ACan you do this?@ You might say, AHelp me do this@.

Scholarship Canidates

Sunset Manor has developed a scholarship award, in the amount of $500, to be awarded to a graduating Senior regardless of GPA or school attended.

The recipient must have served a minimum of 50 hours in the last two years.

If two or more Seniors have served as a volunteer then the cumulative hours will be used to decide recipient.

If there is a range of 25 hours or less between competing Seniors, the award will be split between.



1. A Resident is the most important person in the facility

2. A Resident is dependent on us and we on them.

3. A Resident is not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it.

4. A Resident does us a favor by having confidence in us. We are doing them a favor by serving them.

5. A Resident is not a cold statistic. They are flesh and blood human beings with feelings and emotions like our own.

6. A Resident is not someone to argue with or match wits with.

7. A Resident is a person who comes to us with needs. It is our job to meet these needs.

8. A Resident is deserving of the most courteous and sensitive treatment we can give him.

9. A Resident is the reason for the existence of Sunset Manor. It is up to us to serve to the best of our abilities at all times.

10. A Resident and their family are deserving of our politeness, respect, sincerity, cheerfulness and loyalty.



Infection Control Guidelines

I. Purpose

To prevent the spread of communicable diseases among personnel and residents involved with

Volunteer Services.

II. Responsibilities

A. Resident Services Designee

1. Assist in formulation and enforcement of infection control policies.

2. Review data concerning infections related to volunteer services with the Licensed Nursing Staff.

3. Refer problems/special situations to the Licensed Nursing Staff.

B. Licensed Nursing Staff

1. Consult with the Resident Services Designee when needed in evaluating infection control practices within the department.

2. Assist in planning and presenting educational programs for personnel.

III. Infection Control Practices

A. Volunteers

1. Should adhere to guidelines for Employee Health (see attached).

2. Should adhere to infection control guidelines for isolation precautions (see attached).

3. Should wash hands before and after resident contact (see attached).

4. Should use Universal Blood/Body Fluid Precautions when involved with activities in which exposure to resident’s blood/body fluids is likely (e.g., gloves when handling blood or body fluids, masks, eye covering and gowns if aerosolization or splashes are likely to occur).

5. Shall eat and drink in designated areas only.

6. In the event of needle stick injury or other exposure to resident’s blood or body fluids (e.g., splashes), report ASAP to RN Supervisor immediately.

7. Volunteers may not transport blood samples or other specimens.

8. Volunteers may not dispose of medical waste.






9. When disposing of soiled linen, the following procedure should be carried out:

a) Visually inspect the linen to check for needles or other sharps that may have inadvertently been left. If found, request staff member to properly dispose.

b) Place linens in a bag so that leakage is prevented (heavy canvas or plastic bag).

c) Do not throw linen in the air.


Handwashing Procedure

By working in a nursing home you will be exposed to communicable disease, i.e. – flu, pneumonia, stomach viruses, etc… To protect yourself and residents proper handwashing is required.

Water Method

1. Roll out paper towels to be used when drying hands.

2. Wet hands under warm running water.

3. Apply soap and work up lather by vigorously rubbing hands together, fingers intertwined. Doing so creates friction which loosens dirt and organisms.

4. Scrub for at least 15 seconds over every part of your hands, including between your fingers, knuckles, and over your wrist. Humming ‘Yankee Doodle’ to yourself should take about 15 seconds.

5. Rinse your hands under warm running water. Point your fingertips downward to prevent bacteria from running onto your forearms. Make sure you don’t touch the sides of the sink. If you do, wash your hands again.

6. Pat-dry your hands with paper towels. Turn off faucets with the paper towels, then discard them.

7. Lotion may be used to protect your hands against dryness and cracking.

Alcohol Based Method

1. Apply a liberal amount of the alcohol based gel in one hand, about the size of a half-dollar.

2. Rub gel with both hands, covering all areas from fingertips to wrists.

3. Air dry


Termination Policy


Volunteer’s services may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

1. Inexcusable neglect of duties, insubordination, or disobedience.

2. Unauthorized possession or drinking of any alcoholic beverages or unauthorized use or possession of narcotics, barbiturates, hallucinogenic, amphetamines, marijuana, or other illegal substances on Sunset Manor’s property.

3. Theft, misappropriation of funds, and/or unauthorized use or removal of Sunset Manor’s property.

4. Unauthorized possession of firearms, knives or explosives. Knives are defined as any blade over four inches long.

5. Stealing from volunteers, resident, employees, visitors or Sunset Manor.

6. Immoral or indecent conduct on Sunset Manor property.

7. Discourteous treatment of residents, volunteers, employees, families and visitors.

8. Threatening, intimidating, coercing or interfering with volunteers, residents, visitors, families and employees on Sunset Manor property.

9. Violation and/or disregard of common safety practices; smoking in unauthorized areas.

10. Unauthorized release of confidential or official information.

11. Failure to maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships with volunteers, employees, families and residents.

12. Absenteeism.

13. Failure to report an accident or injury to a resident, volunteer, visitor or self.

14. Wasting time, loitering, or loafing at work.

15. Sexual harassment.

16. Health unacceptable to the point of being a hazard to self and others.

The Administrator reserves the right to determine the duration of volunteer service of any volunteer and hence to terminate a volunteer with or without cause.

Any volunteer who voluntarily or involuntarily terminates his/her services to Sunset Manor may forfeit any recognition and/or awards that may be disbursed.


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